Dining With Christ (DWC) is a unique ministry to women, whose main aim is to minister to the “soul" in a peculiar way, through music, dance and merry making.
The vision is culled from Proverbs 15:13 “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.”

DWC Ministries is known for hosting the annual “women only” dinner-dance: an evening of great food, fun and fellowship. We create an opportunity for elegantly dressed ladies to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere; away from house chores, worries and the day to day responsibilities of the day.

It is a time to have pleasant conversations with old friends, make new ones, enjoy good food, and “let your hair down” while dancing to live gospel music.

In addition to all these, they receive spiritual food and pronouncements of blessings.

It is an avenue to share the love of Christ in an un-intimidating and relaxed setting.

DWC has attracted women from different walks of life; both SINGLE and MARRIED ladies, Christians and non-Christians.

What a unique way to fashion such an evening!

To God be the glory, testimonies keep abounding.

DWC comprises of 7 essential components:

  • Worship
  • Live Gospel Music
  • Prophetic Declarations
  • Dance
  • Fun
  • Sumptuous Dinner
  • Networking