Dr. Grace Sola-Oludoyi, PGSO, as she is fondly called, is the wife of the Regional Pastor for RCCG, Europe Mainland Region 3; comprising of 19 nations and the President of the Good Women Fellowship and the Africa Missions Coordinator in Europe Region 3. She is also the Executive Pastor in RCCG, Royal Connections London.

She is a qualified Psychiatrist, now in full time ministry. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Counselling from London School of Theology and is now an Integrative Counsellor whose mission is not just to heal “broken bones” but to heal the “broken mind”.

Dr. Grace is the visionary of a unique women's dinner dance event called ‘Dining with Christ. She is also the host of “Woman on a Mission” conference. Her ministry commitments also include the “Iron Sharpeneth Iron" Mentoring scheme for women of all ages and Grooming class for young girls. She oversees the 2-Shall-Be-1 Marriage ministry.

She is a great advocator for marriage and a mentor to many including pastors’ wives.

She possesses a down-to-earth style of preaching and teaching that brings God's Word right to where you are.

Her organisational skills, passion for excellence and her smile make her stand out among many. She is an international conference and seminar speaker. She is involved in various charity works including “ The Smile of A Woman”. She has authored these much sought after books; ‘I Pronounce You Husband and Wife!’, ‘Let Nothing Put Asunder!’, ‘One Thing Led to Another’, ‘Woman to Woman: 15 Essentials of a Thriving Women’s Ministry’, ‘The Trials of a Pastor’s Wife’ and countless publications like 12 Practical Ways to Soul Winning, ABC of Faith, Events Made Easy and more.

She is a dogged supporter of her husband, Pastor (Dr.) David Sola Oludoyi, Regional Coordinator for RCCG Europe Mainland Region 3; and they are blessed with 3 children.