The Vision

Our motto is

We believe that there are many women who are overwhelmed with this busy life of work, career, family and church that they barely have time to relax and/or “chill out” with friends. DWC creates the avenue for that to become a reality – with burdens lifted and yokes removed, women are at liberty and hopes are given.

The Journey so Far

DWC was birthed in December 1998 in Royal Women Fellowship of RCCG, Royal Connections, London by Dr. Grace-Sola Oludoyi with about 60 women in attendance. It continues to grow from strength to strength with more than 400 women attending each year!

The first DWC held outside UK was in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2003 which proved successful and memorable. By the grace of God, by popular demand DWC went to the shores of Lagos, Nigeria in October 2011 with a second one held in November 2012, with great testimonies abounding. In December 2011, Dining with Christ Foundation was registered in Nigeria.

DWC aims to organise many more similar dinner dances in various cities of Europe, Africa and beyond. Our desire is for DWC to grow to a global status. “Indeed He makes all things beautiful in His own time!”

DWC has soared to great heights thanks to prayers, God’s faithfulness, and support from loved ones and enthusiasm of attendees over the years. It has become a signature event in the Christian calendar in UK.

Other names used to describe DWC are: The Ladies’ Social Event of the Year, The Ultimate Ladies Night, an event “best experienced than explained!”

DWC will continue to create unique social outlets where Christian women can relax, have fun and get blessed all at the same time. Also, unbelievers can have a taste of what it’s like to know Christ. Though our primary target focus is Women, as the Lord progresses His vision through His choice daughter, Grace-Sola Oludoyi, avenues to minister to the Men could be created.

Several years ago DWC added on various charity efforts. So far proceeds from DWC have gone towards funding various charity projects such as the disaster stricken Haiti relief effort, Cancer Research UK, Heart of Gold Children’s hospice in Lagos, and Holistic Outreach which rehabilitates prostitutes.

The charity efforts of DWC are one that will no doubt be on the increase.

The story continues…………

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